Steve Jones

I'm a graduate student, designer, developer, and researcher

Hello, I'm Steve

As a sophomore in high school I decided I really didn’t want to mow lawns for another summer so I started a company doing web design and development called SeascapeTech. This experience led me to decide to get an undergrad degree in computer science, staying in state and attending UMass Amherst. I continued operating SeascapeTech and even hired a few students as part-time employees.

My company not only supported me to get my undergrad degree, it also gave me experience in developing software and working with clients that went beyond what I could learn in the classroom. Over 30 client websites later, designing site interfaces and customizing client back-ends to allow non engineers to run their websites, I realized the importance of user experience.

During this time at UMass and running SeascapeTech, I realized that as much as I love writing code my true passion lies in the bigger picture of software development. This inspired me to research product management and user experience. Throughout undergrad I took advantage of class projects, side projects, and hackathons to build upon my product management and user experience skills. I decided to pursue a master’s degree in human-computer interaction at Georgia Tech to formalize my education in these areas. I’m fortunate to have found an area that fits my passion and skill set, and at Georgia Tech I’ve had incredible opportunities to create wicked awesome software products.

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