Steve Jones

I'm a designer, developer, graduate student, and entrepreneur

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Portfolio - Design Process

Social event broadcasting app

UX Research of the Floating Action Button

Undergrad Honors Thesis

Gesture Input for Accessible STEM Education

Georgia Tech Sonification Lab

Why I Dumped Photoshop for Sketch

Medium Article with +2,500 reads

CareCircles - Design Process

UX Research of Graduate Students with Children

Instagram Sketch Template

Instagram template UI kit built from scratch in Sketch

Instagram Redesign

Researching Features for Power Users

How to Build a Personal Website

8 Article Guide to Building a Personal Wesbite

Assignment Tracking UX Research

3D Augmented Reality App

A 3D augmented reality scene is displayed when camera is looking at a $20 bill


Mood tracking Android application

Molecular Playground

Managed team of 10 undergrads to design & build web app for client

Mr. Robot Article

A Hacking Show that Gets it Right

Arabella Dane Logo

Arsenault & Cline Logo