Steve Jones

I'm a graduate student, designer, developer, and researcher

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Portfolio - Design Process

Social event broadcasting app

Undergrad Honors Thesis

UX Research of the Floating Action Button

Georgia Tech Sonification Lab

Gesture Input for Accessible STEM Education

Why I Dumped PS for Sketch

Medium Article with +2,500 reads

CareCircles - Design Process

UX Research of Students with Children

Instagram Sketch Template

Instagram template UI kit built from scratch

Instagram Redesign

Researching Features for Power Users

How to Build a Personal Website

8 Article Guide to Building a Personal Wesbite

Assignment Tracking Research

3D Augmented Reality App

A 3D augmented reality scene is displayed when camera is looking at a $20 bill


Mood tracking Android application

Molecular Playground

Managed team of 10 undergrads to design & build web app for client

Mr. Robot Article

A Hacking Show that Gets it Right

Arabella Dane Logo

Arsenault & Cline Logo